This is a cautionary tale on what can happen to the overly inquisitive mind. It is the story on how a deadly sin led me to become a committer on Ruby and spend way too much time hunting demons in C code.

This will be an excursion through dark corners and back alleys of Ruby, a language so dynamic it is difficult to know what its actual specs are. You'll witness adventures with recursion, battles against floats and other forays into details that we luckily hardly ever encounter as mere mortals.

I should have listened to my mother.


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Great presentation... Really funny.

M-A did a great job presenting this rather technical subject.

I really liked this presentation; what I thought was an interesting side effect of seeing how M-A got involved is that it makes the idea of being a contributor to MRI and the Ruby interpreters open source ecosystem more approachable.

It also highlighted how complicated it is to make a language that is simple to use :)