Build more with LESS CSS


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Thanks! This was my first exposure to CSS preprocessors and I like what I see. I checked it out and there is an eclipse plugin for less and I'll be digging into it more very soon.

Good talk very useful info and covered in detail. Start with basics like variables and mixins instead of cli and apps so people know what less is about before getting into the hardcore details.

In addition to the basics of LESS it was great to see how a real developer uses LESS in context.

Finally an smart way to write CSS!!
As a back-end programming, I enjoyed this presentation and gave me a "more familiar" look

when I need to edit CSS files

Not enough "in browser examples". I understand better what can I do with LESS but not how to use it. I probably had to ask questions. But very complete talk about capabilities.

Interesting talk with good coverage of the different options, tools, etc...

I agree with Jeremy's suggestion to start first by giving some examples of less at work before discussing the different tools.

Nice slides, BTW :-)

Well organized and very great intro to LESS. I do not think I'll start any more projects without it!