Dealing with continuous data processing


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Anonymous at 14:16 on 29 Feb 2012

I don't think it's useful to show us that much about your company you work for... No need to tell us the details of how fast a vehicule can go or what payload they can support. We are here for technology. The reasons to get that telemetry data is fine it sets the table for the amount of data. The amount of data too is fine and great, sets the table for the wow factor...

Apart from that, great historical review of the problems you had, serisouly, good work. Your slides where very complete and precise.

The last problem though is about you being tired and very monotone. We all pay to get into this convention, the fact that you had 4 different timezones in the last 2 weeks is not valid. You or whoever planned your over-extenuating schedule is the one to blame, we merit all the same energy and attention.

Still great job, keep up the good work...

Very interesting! We've got the big picture and you successfully made us dive into that scaliability adventure. Excellent use case and real examples for a great pleasure!

As a side note, like anonymous previoulsy said, I think you could fly a bit higher over numbers about your company. It's interesting but not sure it is 100% relevant here.

Very nice talk. A bit fast paced but informative.

I really liked this presentation and was impressed by the huge amount of data you have to process every single day. Very instructive use case that gives us another look at we can do with a PHP environment for a non web application.

Anonymous at 23:36 on 29 Feb 2012

A bit too fast. Too much detail. Should focus on the most important things. But very interesting with lots of useful information.