Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services


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Best description of hypermedia as used in API I've yet to see.

Very interresting and complete talk, thanks !

Complex but oh so entertaining and eye opening! Great job sir!

The best technical talk I have seen so far. Speaker knows his subject thoroughly and explained the more difficult aspects of REST in great detail.

Great speaker! It was entertaining, informative, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Wow. Brilliant job. That was easily the most thorough discussion of the topic (REST) that I've ever seen. Don't change anything, and keep doing this talk.

Anonymous at 23:30 on 3 Mar 2012

Good talk. Especially glad for the references to some good books for further reading.

Great talk!
Explained in depth (and also in stages) how to apply good practices to design a powerful API.

Loved it! Now I know that most APIs are not REST...and more importantly why...and why it matters!

That was sooo great! Information was very complete and well driven to the audience who's appreciated David's usual bits of humor.
To make it short: that was definitely one of my best experiences at Confoo this year, and maybe the best of them!