Drupal is a content management system and a web development platform. With a small set of core modules and a large ecosystem of community contributed modules, it can be used fro a variety of use cases including corporate intranets, social web applications, online publishing, and education or government websites. In this talk, we’ll cover the benefits of using Drupal for developers, and how to use and extend Drupal as a web development framework.

Besides being open source and having an active development-driven community, Drupal has many architectural advantages. We’ll discuss these benefits including the hook system, separation of theme and module layers, the emphasis on flexible content architecture, the database integration layer, and Drupal’s coding standards. We’ll also introduce some tools to get you started on the right track, improve the performance of your Drupal projects, and avoid mistakes.


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Pleasantly surprised by this talk. We have recently been directed to implement a large rollout of a CMS in a ridiculously short timeframe. I came to this talk a bit bitter about how spaghetti code drupal is. While I still think its spaghetti code, I learned about a few modules to make things easier.

I'm excited about future adoption of Symfony in drupal8; I think that will be the time I become more of a convert.

Very good presentation. Loved the way she presented Drupal and I think lot of us got good tips on some modules.

Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you found the presentation useful! I've linked to the slides above.

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Anonymous at 11:53 on 2 Mar 2012