ElasticSearch [R]evolution: Welcome.


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I can't wait to use this!

Nice talk. Happy that you mention my RSS river ;-)
There's something you could also talk about : the way ES scales and manages failover, replication, ...
Nodes and shards concepts.
See Shay's slides here : https://github.com/kimchy/talks/blob/master/2011/bbuzz/bbuzz2011.pdf

I'm also writing slides for a french audience and I love the way you talk about ES basics at first.
Will write that way also as it makes more sense.


David, I intentionally didn't talk much about sharding/replication/failover because it's a big topic and I wanted to cover more developer-oriented features this time.

Anonymous at 08:56 on 1 Mar 2012

Good talk

Good intro to elastic search. I would have liked to see more ways to do queries, as I find the elasticsearch docs aren't very great around it. But there is a ton of information to cover in not much time, so I understand why you couldn't go into more depth.

Great talk. Easy to follow and complete. Lots of examples.

Excellent talk. I liked how the examples were concise and relevant. The host make look it so easy to use ES on any project and I'm looking forward to play with lots of ES features as this seems like a really promising technology.

The host could slow down a little bit, especially when he's copy/pasting/executing examples, sometime it's hard to keep up with the pace.

Really enjoyed this talk. Not only was the talk itself extremely well done, but the topic was by far the most interesting at the conference, I think.

We are looking to research this soon and possibly start using it.

Was a bit hard to follow with all those quick copy/paste but it was really interesting, this technology is what we're looking for, and we'll try it for sure.