Estimation or "How to Dig your own Grave"


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Great presentation!

Haven't been able to claim this talk yet, so I can't add the link to the slides. Apologies for rating myself here then to do it... hopefully you think it's fair.

This was a very appropriate topic for any developer, and one not talked about anywhere near enough. Thanks for presenting it in a well thought out, manner. As a note, the end questions would have been much better asked after the session, especially in that large of a group.

Anonymous at 14:16 on 1 Mar 2012

Great talk! This will definitely change the way we work!

Great session. Full of specific advice on improving the painful, hateful process of software estimation. Fantastic slides and top notch speaking.

High value, entertaining and very informative.

Great job. My only challenge was that I wasn't familiar with all the many many techniques you covered, which made it feel like it was going a bit too fast.

Anonymous at 14:47 on 30 Mar 2012

Hi guys, I missed the beginning when he spoke about "Sales create estimates", can anyone sum it up for me? Thanks!

Great talk!

Hey, Anonymous - ask me on twitter. I'm @rowan_m.