Companies often wrestle with how to implement site search on a website. Many times, this feature is very critical to the success of the website. Users, who are accustomed to superb search results from search engines such as Google, expect the same level of relevancy, speed and accuracy in any search result. Apache Solr provides an excellent match to many of the most common site search requirements. This talk will focus on how Solr would fit these site search tool requirements. Apache Solr, an open source, Lucene Java-based search server that can be easily incorporated into Web applications. Solr offers faceted searching, hit highlighting, and support for multiple output formats, including XML/XSLT and JSON. It is easy to install and configure and comes with an HTTP-based administration interface.


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Good summary of solr andim definitely going to investigate integrating it into our large Wordpress site.

Good summary of Solr and the speaker was knowledgeable about the subject, but the whole presentation was way too short - about 25 minutes - and involved some repetition. The talk seemed targeted at a more business/enterprise level audience and gave no code examples of how to actually use Solr in different situations, so I came away a little disappointed.

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Anonymous at 12:03 on 2 Mar 2012

Summary of what SOLR works and what it can do. Nice examples on how to build faceted search.
It's good to know that well-known websites are currently using SOLR in their websites.
Personally, thank you for the tip on how to make the .pdf files searchable.

Superficial and short talk. I would have liked technical details.

Good introduction. Now I know what Solr is (+link with Lucene, Nutch and so on). Unfortunately too short