PHP 5.4 is the next up and coming version of PHP. This talk will talk about what this new PHP release brings to the table interms of new functionalities that are available, general improvements and the changes that may impact your existing code.


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Excellent talk! Great info and a wonderful overview!

Dynamic, interesting and useful talk that covered what it promised. Thanks!

Excelent as usual, keep up the good work

Excellent slides, php 5.4 is great!!!

Rated 4

Anonymous at 15:57 on 2 Mar 2012

Dude, you are my nigga ! Nice & quick overview of PHP 5.4's changes + new features.

Excellent write-up. I've been following the progression for months but it was nice to see your slides which gave a nice summary. I didn't make it to the talk, but the slides are awesome.

No time to sleep there, that was great! Good job. Slides will be a good reminder . Thank you.

Ilia, your slide on default_charset is not correct. The Content-type is not set to utf-8 by default in 5.4. It is only the internal entities functions that now default to utf-8 instead of iso-8859-1 if you don't set default_charset explicitly. In order to have a charset set in your output headers you must specify it by setting default_charset.

Rasmus, I've updated the charset slide to be more clear as to the charset situation, thanks.

Even though I didn't have a chance to see the talk myself, checking the slides was a nice summary of things.

One mistake though: Slide 13+, Objects as Functions, you show __invoke(). While the sample is perfectly valid that features is available since PHP 5.3.0 and thus *NOT* a new thing in 5.4.0.

Regarding $this in anonymous functions (slide 17+): You might have said it during your talk, but in case not, you probably should add how the resolving of $this works when the returned function is used in a different class. As in, where $this points to... (I guess it's to late to say I think adding this feature was a big mistake to begin with, right?)

Me too never attended, but the slides makes me feel it was an awesome talk :-) .

Did not attend the talk, but the slides give an excellent review of the major and minor points. Thanks Ilia!

Wow, really nice talk, and I like the new features in PHP 5.4