Introducing PHP 5.4


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Excellent talk! Great info and a wonderful overview!

Dynamic, interesting and useful talk that covered what it promised. Thanks!

Excelent as usual, keep up the good work

Excellent slides, php 5.4 is great!!!

Anonymous at 15:57 on 2 Mar 2012

Dude, you are my nigga ! Nice & quick overview of PHP 5.4's changes + new features.

Excellent write-up. I've been following the progression for months but it was nice to see your slides which gave a nice summary. I didn't make it to the talk, but the slides are awesome.

No time to sleep there, that was great! Good job. Slides will be a good reminder . Thank you.

Ilia, your slide on default_charset is not correct. The Content-type is not set to utf-8 by default in 5.4. It is only the internal entities functions that now default to utf-8 instead of iso-8859-1 if you don't set default_charset explicitly. In order to have a charset set in your output headers you must specify it by setting default_charset.

Rasmus, I've updated the charset slide to be more clear as to the charset situation, thanks.

Even though I didn't have a chance to see the talk myself, checking the slides was a nice summary of things.

One mistake though: Slide 13+, Objects as Functions, you show __invoke(). While the sample is perfectly valid that features is available since PHP 5.3.0 and thus *NOT* a new thing in 5.4.0.

Regarding $this in anonymous functions (slide 17+): You might have said it during your talk, but in case not, you probably should add how the resolving of $this works when the returned function is used in a different class. As in, where $this points to... (I guess it's to late to say I think adding this feature was a big mistake to begin with, right?)

Me too never attended, but the slides makes me feel it was an awesome talk :-) .

Did not attend the talk, but the slides give an excellent review of the major and minor points. Thanks Ilia!

Wow, really nice talk, and I like the new features in PHP 5.4