The MapReduce framework promises to make computing of large sets of data very easy. The approach offers excellent scalability across many computing nodes, and can easily be integrated with existing systems. This session will give an introduction to the basic techniques and ideas behind MapReduce, followed by a live demo using Apache Hadoop, a major implementation of MapReduce, and Hadoop's streaming functionality that allows users to write processing jobs not just in Java, but in any programming language, including PHP.


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Rated 5

Anonymous at 10:48 on 2 Mar 2012

Fairly technical but a good presentation of the usage of Hadoop.

Rated 5

Anonymous at 13:58 on 2 Mar 2012

Probably the best presentation of ConFoo 2012 in Montreal. Was very informative and useful for those dealing with large scale infrastructures and high traffic. I would definitely suggest for any developers to attend any of David's future sessions!

Live demo is always cool. Great presentation without fuss, just real stuff. Thanks

Amazing performance, great subject! David successfully managed to keep audience's attention and bring up a live, on-the-fly, demo which ran perfectly.
Definitely one of those names you go for before reading the session's subject... :)