Legacy code is a burden that few developers are lucky enough to avoid in their professional lives. We'll look at how legacy code develops and some of the early warning signs to watch out for. Where it's already a problem, we'll explore the strategies that can be used to replace, isolate or integrate that code and some practical methods for achieving it. This talk will weigh these ideas up in terms of time and cost to help you take a pragmatic approach to taming or slaying your monster.


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Very enjoyable talk! Great presentation slides and story. Learned some good tips too :)

Btw, do you really trust the guy named "Further readings" in your slides? ^^

You have a great presentation style, and I appreciated the info you gave. I might have helped to clearly identify what you were doing to avoid creating new legacy code (the elements were there, but they were not labeled as such).

Excellent presentation. Reminds me a lot of my current work. Thanks a lot

Great delivery and strategies. More devs need to know how to work this way.

Great talk, well presented and with some great tips both in terms of getting to grips with the code, and with making changes.

Great talk. Very well prepared and presented.