Look beyond PHP


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Very nice mind opening talk. Stay curious !

This talk introduced interesting tools and technologies in other languages than PHP. It was nice to see tools like Jenkins, Sonar Source, Apache Solr, Elastica, Spring... introduced by Fabien.

nice presentation, a must-see for every developper, especially php devs

Anonymous at 14:28 on 29 Feb 2012

Well-rounded talk on what to look for on the horizon of web dev. I liked the part where Fabien discussed the influence of other libraries on many of the newest PHP libraries. It was also nice to hear a personal insight into how he likes to visit area bookstores when attending conferences :)

Fabulous talk, laid a nice groundwork for how to really advance as a PHP developer (and how to not to be so stuck on a single language). Loved the statement that being a web developer is more about passion than it is about doing a job.

Very inspirational.

Great talk. Tons of content. I have enough reference to browse for weeks. Really motivating way to describe all the upcoming changes and technologies.

As several of the commenters have stated thus far, it was a very inspiring talk that I feel really represented the open source spirit of sharing for improvement without discrimination.

Loved the fact that this topic was covered. Excellent presentation and very nice resources provided.

Good talk. It would be great to point to have pointed to some other books that most people consider as requirements.
I could easily point some, like PoEAA, GoF and Clean Code.
Maybe it's a suggestion for the next time you give this talk. =)

This topic or style of talk is necessary at every topic. It was truly a guide of resources people should be using or researching. I echo the statements from above: Inspiring!

Great talk Fabien, really enjoyed. I'll take a look at the books you metioned in your talk.