Make your project SOLID!


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The speaker talks a little bit fast but very good talk.

Anonymous at 14:26 on 1 Mar 2012

Great presentation. Will the slides be available?

Excelent presentation with great slides and examples. Loved the elephant challenge although i didn't get any :P

Really good, clear info. I enjoyed your talk. The principle really seem to push for the need of a really solid IDE to manage the numerous file that these principle will create.

Great examples! Felt the pacing was perfect given the allocated time.

Based on other feedback here, some may be expecting to feel further along than they are. You might consider adding a more high-level disclaimer about learning and coding using SOLID principles can take a lot of time to figure out so those seeing the concepts for the first time won't feel bad if they don't click right away.

Great talk and well presented, the code examples used and the level of audience interaction was perfect for the content.

Anonymous at 13:34 on 2 Mar 2012

Good presentation.

Great talk. Really enjoyed learning about SOLID.

Really fantastic. Only complaint is that now i have no excuse not to comb through everything I'm working on and rewrite it with these principles in mind.

Great talk and very easy to follow. The code examples were spot on and not too generic.

Great talk, really enjoyed about the SOLID way to do it!