Mashing up JavaScript


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Pretty good presentation regarding the semi-js framework. Practically flawless presentation, funny and easy to undestand...

Interesting presentation, lots of useful tools.
Be prepared to be focused, because you will have just a few seconds to follow what is happening in the code.

By the end I really liked your presentation! You covered a lot of ground and did so in a nice progressive manner.

I really liked your manner of just progressing your code throug the stages of the project.

I suggest giving an overview of the technologies you will cover a the beginning. So the audience can focus on where the presentation is going.

Excellent session, easy to understand, and really clear. Great!

Five stars, loved it and learned alot

Interesting talk.
Like the presentation of all the tools and their usage.
Only thing I did not understand well was the sharing part

Very good presentation, quite a lot to dwelve in later !

great pres. Plenty of food for thought.

Loved the presentation. Good pace and very interesting topics

Anonymous at 23:31 on 29 Feb 2012

Really impressive talk. Thanks Bastian ! I will probably use sammy.js in future

Great presentation, dynamic talk. I learnt few things at this talk.

Excellent presentation! Will take a few days to go over the notes and dig in to all the libraries and tools that were mashed up here.

Great talk, very concrete and code-oriented. It covered some promising technologies with code samples and real-life examples. Glad I attended.

Learned a few things in this talk! Good talk!