Planbox is a single-page web application for Agile project management. It was built using the traditional MVC stack with CodeIgniter (PHP) and jQuery (Javascript). AJAX was heavily used to update DOM elements to offer a dynamic user experience. UX logic code quickly became spread across Javascript and PHP. The application code base quickly became unmanageable and scaling functionality became difficult. Things had to change.

A decision was made to change architecture: bring all the UX logic in the front-end, and turn the back-end into an engine in charge of business logic.

This talk is about this experience. How we moved the MVC stack from the back-end to the front-end. How we used Backbone JS as the foundation of our front-end framework and built on top. How the backend became a black-box with a Restful API. What lessons we learned, what benefits we gained, and what reflections we made about the future of MVC in Javascript.


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Anonymous at 14:30 on 29 Feb 2012

Might be a bit heavy on code, which made the talk feel a little bit dry, but it's obvious you've got good knowledge to share for those experienced with Backbone.

great talk. Thought it was a good balance between code and concept. Mostly I am just excited about Backbone so I appreciate the intro. Finally I feel like web is moving to true MVC with javascript frontends

Great talk. You've obviously got in dept knowledge of your subject but I would have prefered a little less code and a little more general concepts and best practice info. Thanks

Rated 4

Anonymous at 16:01 on 12 Mar 2012

Can you share your slides :) ?