Emailing *.sql files to the in-house DBA before each release used to work for your single-node, single-environment website. You have recently been tasked with building a multi-environment application architecture when you realize that you need to come up with a more professional process which is less error-prone. You also see the benefits of having your schema versioned along-side your code.

You've read a few blog posts by some fairly enterprising developers on the subject but you still can't quite get your head wrapped around how to start or even what tools to use or how to integrate the tools into your project. You now have that sinking feeling in your stomach as you think that maybe you are in over your head.

In this session, we walk through real-world refactoring scenarios using a tool called Liquibase. Liquibase is an open-source and cross-platform database refactoring tool which allows changes to be tracked and automated across environments.


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I completely forgot to add "INSERT" examples so I will update the slides shortly to include these.

Clear delivery and nicely paced, really easy to follow at the end of the day. Slides were good and the live coding didn't interrupt the flow. Code was hard to read on the projector, but you did mitigate that by just swapping over to the terminal.

Really liked the practical nature of the whole thing, always good when you're seeing the stuff that people are actually using in their projects rather than say, just repeating the documentation. Great Q&A at the end.

Slides have been updated to include an example INSERT change-set which also includes the "context" attribute as mentioned during the Q&A portion.