The PHPCR specification defines an API that combines the power of NoSQL databases with hierarchical data structures and versioning, powerful search and other features. Content repositories, like Midgard2 or Jackrabbit, can implement the API to provide generic access to their content. Using PHPCR, applications can focus on the application logic and use the API to quickly implement CMS functionality and choose from the solution that best fits their server requirements and scalability needs to handle final persistence.


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Lukas did a nice job of outlining the PHPCR specification and addressed some implementations. This is certainly a project that I will be looking out for.

Superb talk. The host explained really well the difference between the specification of PHPCR and the different implementations available. I would have liked to have some working example of the implementation used in a Symfony2 project.

I will try for sure in a Symfony2 project. It seems really fast, I think it will solve some problems we have right now somedays.