The RDBMS is often the weakest link of PHP performance. PHP applications also face a second evil: database node failure.
This demo-packed session covers Oracle database mechanisms for PHP performance and high-availability.
Need to sustain 100s of thousands of PHP users with database access? See how Database Resident Connection Pool allows scaling database connectivity without the overhead of connection creation/destruction. The fastest database access is NO db access: see how OCI8 can use Client-side ResultSet caching while maintaining consistence with the database. HTTP is not inherently transactional, see how OCI8 can implement transactions across HTTP requests. Your Database server may fail; see how OCI8 can use Fast Application Notification (FAN) to fail-over database connections to surviving RAC node. Need to upgrade 24 x 7 PHP applications (including database schema)? See how OCI8 use Edition based Redefinition to allow upgrading or patching in use PHP applications.


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