SQL is a declarative language, meaning the user submits an SQL command and the database determines the optimal execution. Common Table Expressions (CTEs) allow queries to be more imperative, allowing looping and processing hierarchical structures that are normally associated only with imperative languages. This talk will help developers use implement CTE queries in their applications and allow operations that normally could only be done in application code to be done via SQL queries.


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I appreciated the first part of your talk. It gave me what I needed. Things got progressively more postgres-y from there. I do have a good enough understanding now to start working with cte in tsql (with minor syntax changes). You certainly had the feel of a university professor giving a lecture (it took me back to my CS days).

The slides are here: http://momjian.us/main/presentations/features.html#cte

Seth is right that I used more Postgres functions in the second half of the talk.

It was one of my top 3 talks at Confoo. Very interesting. Easy to understand. Unhappily for me, doesn't work (yet) for MySQL.

PS : Bruce I asked you if MySQL planned to integrate the CTE. Actually, I've been told it is but no date yet.

Very interesting, but not sure I will use it. Good talk.