RESTful Web Services with Python


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Didn't really learn anything new. Plus I disagree with the JSON is good for ajax but XML is good for everything else. JSON is good for everything. XML is dead and should stay dead.

Agreed with the previous post, json is preferable for everything.
Thanks for the presentation

Enjoyed this talk, plus impressive that he was giving this with a cold at the same time. The Python examples were really clear and it was good to hear the comparison between the options.

Additional stuff I would have liked:
- more explanation of the Python choice over PHP
- less general REST introduction, though that depends on the audience's experience level
- more exploration of the Python code, a little more introduction to the frameworks/libraries and maybe a live demo?

The run-through of the Edinburgh Festival API at the end was very cool. Always good when you see the real-life stuff.

Anonymous at 15:09 on 1 Mar 2012

I enjoyed the talk, it was insightful. Joe used a technology stack that I hadn't seen used before which included Bottle, couchDB and ElasticSearch. Joe was very well spoken and the topics flowed well. Joe also took the time to explain some of his technology choices, for example he spoke of why he chose the Bottle microframwork over Django, Flask and Tornado.

Areas to improve on:
- more code, maybe an paired down opensource version of the Edinburgh festival API that people can hack around with
- The statements XML is better than JSON for x or vice versa, are highly debated, a Google search will make this fact clear. I'm not saying I'm disagreeing with Joe's opinion, but more explanation here as to why he's of that opinion would have been helpful.
- More details into Hypermedia and how to do it the right way.
- Point out some example of how Flickr et. al. are doing REST the wrong way.

Thanks Joe!

Agree with Jeff. An overall solid talk, but felt some parts were missing, e.g., how do you handle create/update requests, what do you return, etc. How to deal with methods that don't fall into the traditional CRUD realm?

Anonymous at 15:29 on 2 Mar 2012