Today, large-scale PHP platforms like Facebook demonstrate strikingly that it is quite possible to build scalable, high-performance web applications with PHP. It does not work out to just use an MVC framework as architecture, though. This session allows a peek into web architectures and technologies that large-scale PHP platforms use, and demonstrates how you can use them in your own projects.


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Great presentation. I think a lot like the presentor when analysing software, sadly my bosses don't... Usually, only upgrading the servers is enough, but the code is often the key problem. Trying to cache, pre-process and analyse statistics doesn't seem to kick in...

Good presentation, I liked the business model. I think it would have helped at the end of your slides to give a couple of examples of a designed architecture (minus the actual product technologies used); I think that would tie the presentation to the coding world a bit more strongly.

I loved this presentation. Great speaker.

Great talk, very well vulgarized and bits of humor!