This sessions is essentially a tour through real life Symfony2 code. No bullet points, only code. During the talk the general architecture and philosophy of Symfony2 will be illustrated. Key design concepts will be shown with practical examples and popular so called "Bundles" that extend the functionality of Symfony2 will be introduced. The audience is encouraged to checkout and setup the code beforehand:


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Nice talk. A good code review of a Symfony 2 project.

Just filled with way too much filler aaaaaah's. I counted about 6 378 of them. ;)

Rated 5

Anonymous at 10:29 on 1 Mar 2012

Rated 5

Anonymous at 10:31 on 1 Mar 2012

Really good talk, I like your controller as service approach, and liked your explaination of the 3 different scopes.

I also discovered the JMSDebuggingBindle, as well as the FOSRestBunle, I will use both for use.

Unfortunately, not enough time to cover all you wanted to!

Good mix of high-level and low-level concepts for Symfony2.

Really liked this talk, It should have lasted longer than one hour ! Especially liked the fact that Lukas explained dependency injection container scopes and how to correctly use them. This is really helpful in a lot of real life situations when playing with the request service of Symfony2.

Good talk.
I just wouldn't recommend to advertise the support of Controllers as Services, since it doesn't sound like a correct solution for problems architecture-wise. I tend to agree with Fabien on this.
Except that, it was a good talk, with a lot of features covered, some quickly - which probably caused some people to loose you -, and other ones in some depth.

Ah... those scopes, it gave us nightmares! Now, I understand it well, your explanation made it all clear. It was pretty fun to see you take a look at Fabien Potiencier some times when you were talking about your way to code your controllers as services!

Really enjoyed.

I must agree with "Jean-Marc Fontaine" criticism. I was so worried that I didn't have enough time to cover an sufficient amount of topics to really give a feel for Symfony2, that I was second guessing my approach all the time as I was trying to dynamically adjust the content to the level of knowledge of the audience. The first time I gave this talk I had 75mins and feedback was I went too fast. So my conclusion is that I better ask for 2 slots next time, to ensure that I can be a bit more relaxed.

Thank you for the honest feedback!