The HTML5 Landscape


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Anonymous at 10:19 on 29 Feb 2012

Good information about which browsers support which features.

Overall, though, it was too general, info that I could get from the web easily. The talk should have specific examples showing the results of using HTML5 tags, more interactive. Andrew doesn't come across as knowing HTML5 well, although he may.

His speaking style is jerky, I think he should work on that.

(I'm not actually Sebastian Bergmann; has just logged me in as him because it's brain-damaged)

Anonymous at 11:34 on 29 Feb 2012

I'm the one who was logged in as Sebastian Bergmann. Now, I seem to be logged in as another random name, and that doesn't seem to be changing. Sorry Sebastian!!!

Was I being too critical? If attendees are spending $800 to attend a conference, and speakers are flown in from around the world, talking about their international experience, I just expect a higher quality. Either a unique perspective or an engaging style that helps me to understand and internalize the material better.

Too general information easily accessible online. Perhaps good resources to look for. Overall decent but not great.

Anonymous at 18:35 on 29 Feb 2012

I echo the above statements....what I got out of it is "a lot of people are disagreeing about codecs, and we're still waiting for browsers to catch up." Would have been more interested in further discussion on new semantic tags, and what some people are doing with HTML5 now, as well as what we have to look forward to.

Anonymous at 20:32 on 29 Feb 2012

Anonymous at 17:40 on 3 Mar 2012

Really enjoy the presentation any way to get the slides?
Thank you super presetnation btw

I have to agree with the above statements. I felt like the information provided was very generic and added no great insight to using HTML5. More time was spent on the history and less on useful information.

I personally like the speakers style and think he is a good speaker, but I felt the content wasn't in depth enough.

Was great, it was too general, but as an intro/first session and not knowing much about HTML5, was good enough.

Andrew is a good speaker, he wasn't boring at all.