Weakly held opinions, minimal complexity, and a strong philosophy combine to produce an extremely light-weight, efficient, and flexible web framework. WebCore features authentication and authorization that makes no assumptions about your application model, pluggable template and serialization engine API, self-organizing WSGI middleware, trivially simple multi-DB support, and first-class support for filesystem-like object dispatch, routes, XML-RPC, and Flash AMF.

WebCore scales from the trivial 5-line application through multi-component enterprise-scale applications and powers the Contentment CMS.

Contentment is a pluggable object-based CMF/CMS utilizing MongoDB as the storage engine built on top of WebCore and designed for extremely flexible integration as pure-CMS, hybrid, or contained within an existing application.

This 45-minute presentation will cover philosophy, features, and examples for both WebCore and Contentment.


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