Training: Advanced PHP Development


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The training session was very very good. The 'do-it-live' approach used by the presenters in conveying fundamental concepts relating to design patterns, high performance/scalable architecture, testing and web security are quite intriguing - I did enjoy every bit of it. I also like the interaction amongst the presenters to expose important issues to the audience - this approach seems to convey messages quite effectively.

I will recommend this training (if it's available again next year) to any savvy PHP programmer interested in knowledge about real OOP in 'enterprise' PHP development.

Highly recommend this session (as well as these presenters if you ever get a chance to attend one of their sessions). The training was just what I needed to fix some of the problems in my development approaches. Test Driven development, factory design pattern, autoloader and testing tools were the keys for me. I am eager to take what I learned home and evangelize.

Anonymous at 08:36 on 13 Mar 2012

Personally, i didn't like the approach used by the presenters. For me, they look like 3 guys that needs to fill 2 days on PHP concepts. The worst part was when they were arguing on something like how to put the braces in the code.

I wouldn't go to this training next year.