Training: Diving into Symfony2 Advanced Features


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Hugo is a boss! He did an amazing job delivering a very insightful and in-depth overview of some of Symfony2's more advanced features. His pacing is perfect for those following along, and he had an answer for all questions from the attendees. He live-coded most of the code we trained on, which is hard to do accurately in any setting--let alone over 2 days using a complex codebase like Symfony. If Hugo is giving a training in your area, do not hesitate to sign up!

Wow! Thank you for your kind feedbacks. It's really appreciated! I'm very glad you enjoyed this training as I enjoyed to give it these two days :)

I'm polishing the application tonight, so that the source code and slides could be pushed on my Github account asap.


Totally agreed with John Kary!

Hey guys,

The final version of the code base is online on my account. I have refactored the model part and improved the sidebar. Check out the code and compare both training and final versions ;)