As we code for an increasingly resource-centric Web, our tools
need to keep pace. Sadly, Rails conceptually has remained largely
unchanged since the before the advent of REST. Though Sinatra attempts
to make writing APIs simple, at it's core, it continues to use the
Rails model for routing and responding to requests.

Renee is a new approach to creating web applications build on top of
Rack. It's simplicity in implementation and design makes it ideal for
expressing yourself in the new resourceful web.

Through this talk we'll learn how the request/response model differs
from Sinatra or Rails, and how we can use this to create clean
beautiful web applications without repeating ourselves. We will also
dive into the internals, and look at real-world applications written
in Renee. Finally, we'll understand how to write extensions to Renee
to handle any need that arises.


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I loved the relaxed way this talk was done and the interaction with the audience.

The idea was challenging and the concepts well introduced.

I really enjoyed the talk, both because of the content and the presentation. I guess that's why I provided so much of the "interaction with the audience" :-)

Interesting talk on an elegant framework for web APIs in Ruby. Also, the only talk I've seen with good music.