Varnish, the easy way to speed up your websites


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This was one of the best conferences so far me. It gave me a better in depth view of Varnish internals and the workflow. Content of the conference is very valuable and relevant.

Thx for this conf at confoo. Before your conf varnish was a black vodoo box. Now with your step by step tutorial all of this vodoo make sens!
Will give varnish a try instead of the drupal boost module (a poorman reverse proxy in static html file)

Simple comment : thanks! It gives me the will to use Varnish.

And in bonus, I understand the difference between GET and POST in the web phylosophy. Thanks again !

Very good presentation. The presenter was very clear.

One of the most useful talks I heard during the whole conference. Covered all the major points with the right amount of depth.

Absolutely love the diagrams on how HTTP requests leave and return to the browser (my second time seeing this part of the presentation). It's probably the best visual representation I've seen on the subject matter.

This was my first real look at the internals of Varnish, so the subroutine control flow diagrams were a huge help. It really helped me understand pass and miss.

Every developer should hear this presentation!

Really good presentation. Varnish seems to be a great product. You made us think that it's easy to setup.

You should try to write letters horizontally (and words vertically) on your diagrams to make it easier to read . (ex:

(just my 2 cents).

Excellent look at the internals/workflow of varnish.

Fabien, as always your talks are amazing. You are a valuable asset for entire PHP community.
Varnish was a monster to be explored when I joined your talk. Now it's a toy that I can play. Thanks a lot for pointing to some very specific needs and how to solve to items I spoke with you before.
Unfortunately, I tried to record the audio of your talk, but my phone went out of battery and file was not saved. Can you please try to record it next some you give it and put online? It'd love to re-watch/re-listen it for some recaps.
Olivier Leger already pointed you, but I think your slides would be more readable if you have placed words horizontally.

Nice! Really nice! I enjoyed your talk, very clear, good examples, nothing more to say about it, except that it should have least more than one hour.