Virtualize your Development


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I really enjoyed the talk, great amount of technical information which I wasn't expecting, but was a pleasant surprise.

The subject is interesting but the slides are lacking technical content/examples.

Also the talk is hard to follow when English is not your mother language because the speaker talks really fast and slides (or lack of) won't help catching up.

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Anonymous at 20:27 on 1 Mar 2012

The talk description or title might use a little clarification that you cover real world high-level implementation advice, and now low-level code. But that shouldn't affect the info you presented, which will prove very insightful for anyone who is on this path.

Sorry, claiming my comment above :)

THANKS for this presentation. Can't wait to go back to job and try this for our dev infrastructure

I was, sort of, expecting a more detailed, low-level talk, from the description. Maybe next time the description could be amended to make that more clear.

That said, was still a valuable overview of the challenges of distributed development teams, and the real-world solutions used to solve those problems.

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Anonymous at 07:54 on 3 Mar 2012

Nadine from Germany// good informations, got new ideas. But it's hard to follow the discussion when you not a native speaker because the people talked very fast and not to the other people in the room. Repeating the questions would be helpful

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Anonymous at 00:07 on 7 Mar 2012