10 advanced, yet digestible SSH techniques


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great talk. learned several new (and subtle/hard to learn) things about SSH. some of the tricks he showed are super helpful but much more obscure that most people would likely not have known. well done. beautiful slides too.


Thank you so much for the feedback Kyle. It is very hard to gauge what to keep and what to delete. I probably deleted more slides than I kept. It is tempting to try to cater this talk to everyone, but I made a choice and slanted it slightly toward people that do _not_ have 20 years of experience with the tool.

Thanks for your comments and your participation during the talk. It is appreciated.

FYI, for a anyone that is interested, the reason VIM can open that "scp://" file is because of Vim's Network-Oriented File Transfers (:help netrw). I haven't really run into any editor (modern or vintage) that doesn't support the popular transfer protocols, especially "scp". Whatever editor you use, I'd be surprised to find that it doesn't support the "scp" protocol. That being said, if you know of one, I'd like to know about it. Always learning something new :)

Anonymous at 11:02 on 2 Mar 2013

Good talk, even for those who needed a refresher on the topic.