Advanced JavaScript techniques for modern web applications


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Anonymous at 14:29 on 1 Mar 2013

Excellent talk. I'm enjoy to try meteorjs.

Anonymous at 14:32 on 1 Mar 2013

This was an interesting session. There is lots to learn. He helped by giving code examples.

great talk, next time a demo of webrtc :-)

Anonymous at 11:10 on 2 Mar 2013

Anonymous at 14:50 on 2 Mar 2013

Very nice talk. Had never heard of meteorjs and will definitively try it out. I had already done an implementation of OAuth2 but not the user agent flow so that was enlightening too. The code demos were good too, it's nice to see code work for real.

And stop worrying about your accent, I had no trouble understanding at all :-)

I liked very much the introduction and I am exited to start using the meteor. Thank you, great job!