Advanced PHP Development (part 1)


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Really interesting training covering all aspect of OO project. Really like the real life exemple about how to create, test and think about the architecture.

I will definitely look forward for next year :)

Amazing training by awesome speakers!

Anonymous at 17:57 on 26 Feb 2013

One of the best conference I have ever been. Seriously, Stefan was a great speaker. Since I am a french guy, it is generally hard to understand non-americain english accent and Stefan was really easy to understand. Sebastian and Anks were also great and so generous of their time.

I recommand this conference to anybody who is developping PHP.

Thank you very much for great training.
I learned A LOT about UnitTest tricks - I thought I knew it well and was wrong :-)

TDD rocks!

Stefan raised very interesting arguments against using CMSes and Frameworks. I cannot say I do agree with all of them, but I didn't feel that it was a right time to start a holy war :-)

The training was really well-centered on TDD development and the guys really dug deep into the details and were able to perfectly answer the questions that were raised.

Really appreciated those 2 days!

The training was really nice. I learned a lot about the dependency injection, Test-Driven development and also deployment.
It's always great to see how celebrities are developing.

The guys are very good at explaining the materials and building a base for what they want to explain. And really generous with valuable information.

The training that I received with this folks was to put it simply, mind blowing. I was exposed to new technique while coding in php that I was not aware of and my professional growth has definitely grown due to this.

I have always been passionate about development, but being in this training, being surrounded by folks with the same type of mindset and loving to code, my passion has nutured and grown.

Can't thank them enough for what I learned, and I really enjoyed the way they taught, using humor definately makes things entertaining and a joy to be there.

If I had any complaints about the training, it would of been I wish it could of lasted longer! :) Imagine how much more one could learn if the training was for a longer period of time?