Bottleneck Analysis


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Halfway through at the moment, and this is already incredibly useful.

As usual very excelent presentation, the best i've heard so far in a technical viewpoint. Keep up the good work.

Lots of very useful information, I wish it was longer

Anonymous at 22:00 on 28 Feb 2013

Fantastic talk! Enjoyably brisk, lots of great info.

The only thing that might improve it is adding more quick rules or metrics for debugging issues, especially at the server/OS level. Reference numbers especially might be helpful.

Great talk. Ilia went through the entire stack. Even looking at part that are usually taken for granted.

Really enjoyed the presentation. I was already familiar with several of the things discussed, but it was a nice refresher.

Learned a few new things.

Thanks it was very amazing.

Great speaker. Useful example to use in our day to day job.

BTW the seacker was: Ilia Alshanetsky not Aleksandar Vidovic


Anonymous at 15:40 on 1 Mar 2013

Thanks Ilia,
It was a very useful and interesting talk!
I really enjoyed the presentation.

Thanks again.

For me this was the most interesting at Confoo. This was a very thorough presentation, there was a lot of research behind the content and the presenter was very dynamic from the beginning to the end.

Impressive talk. Much to the detail and precisions. Good examples, clear.