Browser Versions Are Dead


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I appreciate all of the attendees who came to our little "browser version therapy session" this morning. :) now, go make the web more awesome!

This should've been a keynote. Thanks for your determination to push the industry forward. This really motivated me to do the same.

What really hit the spot was that we really need to stop blaming the past and make the best with the present.


Anonymous at 14:25 on 1 Mar 2013

Kyle provided excellent examples including code where our industry is failing and needs improvement. Less blame and more progress. I also loved hearing Kyle talk up HTML5, especially vido. People need to know that it is here, has been here for a while, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Expect this stuff (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) to start showing up on all kinds of devices like TVs, Blue Ray players, and Set top boxes.

Well done sir.

Great great talk, lively, inspiring and dead honest. And I say this as a designer. I'm still convinced that that darn pixel does matter, but we must find ways to be content within the boundaries of sanity. There's hope :).