Building rich, real-time web applications


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Anonymous at 14:03 on 27 Feb 2013

Good talk overall.

A bit too deep and technical - would have helped with bit of intro e.g. with coffeescript, backbone.js code (basic syntax).

Anonymous at 11:04 on 28 Feb 2013

A large part of the talk is more or less a Backbone introduction, which does not really justify the 'real-time' in the title. Very little information about the real-time aspect. The demo application is not a particularly good example of a rich application. Speaker needs a lot more practice - essentially just reading from slides and going over a multitude of concepts very quickly.

To do a better job it should focus on a particular topic - either the real-time mechanisms or the caching framework or Backbone but not all of the, at once.

Anonymous at 13:45 on 28 Feb 2013

Good speaker and good introduction to rich apps. Content was slightly too deep. Wish he would focus on a less topics like the other commenter said.

There were plenty of useful tips and strategies given at the talk. I got a lot from it. However, at times it felt dry and a bit too in-depth for 45 minutes, during which many different technologies had to be covered.

Plenty of useful tips and tricks but I felt it went in too many directions in the same time. I have to say that the speaker advised in which stack he was using to illustrate. An advanced talk straight to the point, sad that many people were not at this level, including me. But still, I enjoyed and envy the stack enough to grab my interrest to them :)