Continuous Integration in Real Life


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Anonymous at 15:25 on 1 Mar 2013

Good overview!

I was surprised that you said applying coding standards was hard. There are tools to apply standards, not just report errors (JetBrains PHPStorm does this).

Nice overview of the tools. I would like to have screenshots of demo of more tools. Especially Cruise Control/Jenkins.

Very interesting discussion. I discovered ways to improve the development life cycle that I'm currently using. Very enthusastic speaker.

Great job!

Good overview. Lots of variƩs knowledge. Speech speed and fluidity was great

Anonymous at 15:31 on 1 Mar 2013

Really interesting and pretty good speaker. I'll surely use some of the tools discussed. Maybe not the best title for the presentation.

Great and fun
I wish to have more !!

Really enjoyed the talk. It's a pity it wasn't earlier in the conference as many of the tools mentioned had had prior talks dedicated to them specifically.

Anonymous at 18:13 on 1 Mar 2013

Good presentation. Good pace.

This talk should have been on the first day of the talk, would allow people to get a basic overview of the tools and they could have seen other talks about those tools.
Very good speaker, excellent pace. Screenshot or demo could be an addition.