Continuous Performance Testing


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Anonymous at 11:38 on 27 Feb 2013

Good talk, very professional and interesting!

Anonymous at 11:40 on 27 Feb 2013

Good talk overall.
Clear communication.

But could have been organized better.
Some times details not clear e.g graphs of data - were they generated using JMeter or other command line tools - how to integrate all these data into one etc.

God presentation. Maybe too much material.

The talk and speaker were good, but due to the equipment, it was very difficult to see some of what was going on unless you were in the first few rows. Not much the presenter could do with that, but the smallish JMeter UI didn't help.

Good session. The problem with the projector played against the good topic of the presenter.

That said, I got lot of good info to research further.

Good information and solid speaker.

Very good overview of Jmeter