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Engrossing, compelling narrative. Please do more !

This was a fun talk that really created an "investigation" CSI Style. When debugging/refactoring, Katrina showed you how you're truly an investigator.

It was 8:30am, we were sleepy, holding onto our cups of coffee, somewhat zombified. However, Katrina jumped straight into the investigation, dropping us into the twisted whodunit that bug squashing really is. She showed us what wild quests our lines of code really hold, helped us see the humour in facing the errors of our ways and inspired us not to fear bad code but go out and save the world from it. We learned about techniques needed to make our way through the impenetrable darkness of obfuscated methods, surgeon-approved steps to amputate dead code and sure-fire tips on refactoring now to assure levelling up later. This was exactly what I needed to start another day at ConFoo. Thank you!