Death to Wireframes, Long Live Rapid Prototyping


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Way too short IMO, you had 1h and it took less than 30m to get to the end... The content was nice, gives nice leads to fix issues we actually face. Problem is, not all marketing agencies can actually iterate to get the client what he wants but there are interresting elements to use from your process.

Agree about the length; also the talk didn't seem to account other perspectives or situations than the ideal one.

I definitely got value from the story you told about revamping your process to integrate rapid prototyping – I love learning about process improvements – though I think you could go into more detail for each step.

In particular I would love to see some examples of stuff that was produced at each stage of the process (sketches, lists, personas, code, gray-box prototypes?), to make the story more concrete. I appreciated being able to see the demo project at the end of your talk, but I think that would be even more valuable if accompanied by some more context such as in-progress work.

Listing out the shortcomings of static wireframes and prototypes at the beginning was useful; I agreed on most points but hadn't thought about it in quite that way before.

Thanks everybody for the great feedback. Based on what you said I understand the following:

• the talk needs to cover more perspectives (i.e. agency, small company, large company, startup, etc) and not just the idea situation
• a couple of example that would walk demonstrate the process being used on something real so the attendees can see the principles applied in some sort of meaningful context

Those additions would, of course, solve for the length. Thanks again.