Designing Beautiful APIs


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Excellent talk. Not only limited to PHP.

Anonymous at 09:17 on 28 Feb 2013

Would have been great to have a comparison against what you started with and a review of the whole suite at the end, but great example to work through. Thanks!

Nice talk. Started with an ugly api and refactored it step by step

Thanks for the feedback, having a final comparison is a really good idea.

Great talk. Maybe more examples

Nice talk. Enjoyed it. Visual is key.

In the area of the code and visual, I would recommend the following.

Not an expert, I am quoting accessibility principles:

- Use black background with white text. Highest contrast as possible between the text and the background.
- Make sure the text font size is bigger, and a better contrast ratio.
- Sadly the 'hilight that line' makes it darker and harder to read
- Some UML in the meelee would have been helpful

Anonymous at 21:53 on 28 Feb 2013

Great info, practical, well done. Bonus points for the handling of sometimes pointed audience questions. Would have loved to see more content; also the final API seems good but doesn't seem like something that could be easily implemented. While that's not the point of the talk, I'm not sure about the example itself. Still, excellent talk.

Like the was the legacy code became better.

Missing explication about the patturn an concept use.

I like it and will use some.

Greant talk. Thanks for the tips and tricks.

great talk, good demonstration on how to refactor code.