Domain Modeling, the PHP Way


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Great presentation, very fluent and gives great hints at how to model the domain correctly!

Anonymous at 12:00 on 28 Feb 2013


Excellent talk! I learnt new OOP tricks.

Stefan, I found your presentation very good with a balance of technical and non-technical arguments. Too bad we had little time and you've covered a lot of issues.

Anonymous at 21:56 on 28 Feb 2013

Great talk, some of the best content I've seen at the conference. Clear, well done explanations. The beginning of the talk could be shortened and come to the point a bit faster. Also, the speaker digressed with the audience a little too much at times.

Great talk !

Help us to understand concept under the hood.

Like the slide and presenter.


The right mix of technical, conceptual and humour.

Anonymous at 19:55 on 3 Mar 2013

The first time I saw Stefan I thought: "here's come a sales pitch"... I thought he looked more like a salesman than a tech guy... Was I wrong, one of the best talk I saw! That guy knows his stuff.

Excellent talk!! My favourite. Actually.

I enjoyed the introduction and I think it is a perfect fit to introduce experienced developers to enter a new realm: Domain Modeling as Martin Folwer and Eric Evans are doing. A perfect mix of introduction into concept, as to how to do it.