Elasticsearch: the Missing Intro


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Very revealing. Good talk.

Excelent talk, very in depth, only one point, you speak awfully fast.

Remember that most people in foreign countries attenting a non-native language presentation are forcefuly billingual, but not necessarily perfectly fluent, do speaking like an formula 1 car is probably not the best thing you can do...

Else than that, cheers, nice pres!

Sorry about the speed! It's a 57-minute talk, and I thought I had a 45-minute slot. :-o Here's a slower version which you can rewind and listen to as many times as you like: https://air.mozilla.org/elasticsearch/.

(It's silly that I can't comment on my own talk without rating it. :-P)

Anonymous at 14:54 on 2 Mar 2013

One of my favorites at this conference. Looking forward to use ES in real life. Very good speaker.