Emotional Design: Developing for Individuals


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First off, the slides were beautiful. Well done.

I like that you described color theory in a scientific context. You clearly know your audience and how they will react to certain information. I found the content engaging and interesting.

Anonymous at 14:19 on 1 Mar 2013

Great topic, great delivery.

I started my day in an high note with this presentation.

Jonathan brings the human factor into the web business. We worry about browsers, operating systems, mobile devices and network access but we all forget that behind all of that, there are human beings with feelings and emotions. That is what brillantly Jonathan brings back into the equation.

Probably one of the most interesting talks, which made us think a bit out of the box. Definitely, it kick-started my day... :)

Many thanks for your time, ideas, and I'm hoping we'll see you again next year in Montréal!