HTTP and Your Angry Dog


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Anonymous at 15:16 on 27 Feb 2013

Excellent presentation thanks

Grenat in depth and funny présentation, gratz

Anonymous at 15:19 on 27 Feb 2013

great presentation

Anonymous at 15:21 on 27 Feb 2013

I enjoyed the session. It was a mixture of fun and learn.

Great content. Great presentation

Awesome presentation, very informative.

informative AND entertaining presentation

Learned a lot, great presentation and entertaining speaker

Anonymous at 17:21 on 27 Feb 2013

Great content and very entertaining delivery. Hands down the best HTTP talk I've seen. I learned about so many headers that I have never heard of.

Anonymous at 17:37 on 27 Feb 2013

Great presentation and good flow of information.

Great content, and the dogs made it fun. Now I know what the Vary header is for!

One improvement I'd suggest is for the speaker to mumble less and enunciate more ^_^

Anonymous at 09:57 on 28 Feb 2013


Ross did a great job. He explained HTTP status codes and header fields in a way that made everyone laugh. The slides were kinetic and entertaining, and he was obviously very well-prepared. A+++, would attend again!

Easily the best presentation I've seen so far at Confoo 2013.

Excellent presentation, good story telling ability, just the right amount of depth.

really great talk. it wasn't new info for me, but he still had me engaged and did clarify some tricky details.

A brilliant speaker. Excellent presentation. Engaging and funny. Also an eye-opener when it comes to the subject. I'll be giving a lot more attention to HTTP Headers from now on.