Introductory Python for Developers


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Good talk. Though, I learned a great deal from it. Looking forward to using python for a project.

Excellent introduction to Python, accurate and relied on the audience understanding how to program so as to skip a lot of boilerplate and keep it interesting (to be clear: this is a good thing™)

I have decided to be kind and not give 1 star for the lack of candy!

Great talk. Exactly what the description called for. An intro to Python that was perfect for a PHP programmer. And as always excellent speaker.

Great intro to Python, but i thought the Django stuff got lost in there and was not as useful as the rest, I would focus on the other aspects and leave Django out of it.

Anonymous at 21:43 on 28 Feb 2013

Good talk, well presented, clear examples. Perhaps dwells on the (admittedly excellent) list features a little too long. I also wouldn't mind seeing more examples with the object model, decorators, etc.

Great talk. Speaker is very funny and entertaining. I too would have liked to have seen more on classes in python, but overall a great intro.