Iterators, ArrayAccess & Countable – Oh My!


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It was very informative and showed me ways to use the SPL that I did not know or cared about.

My only suggestion would be to not cover the IteratorIterator* stuff in favor of having time to go from the simple array used to demonstrate the concepts to a more complex example of using the trinity.

Please post the slides be online :)

Great for manual on function.

I would love to see usage of the function in real world situation...

Anonymous at 12:03 on 1 Mar 2013

Why reinvent the wheel, or the array? I got a great intro to SPL that I was able to immediately use in my current projects. For clever but lazy programmers; a good understanding of these simple concepts could greatly increase you productivity.

I never though a presentation on Iterator should be has useful and entertaining...

Thanks a Lot

Anonymous at 18:12 on 1 Mar 2013

I found this presentation too informal: I could have went to and read about it and it would have done the same thing. However, since I didn't do it (haha..) it was great.

Perhaps like mentioned above, remove iteratorIterator section and show more concrete usage examples.