Lean Startup: How To Measure Everything


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Anonymous at 08:58 on 28 Feb 2013

Anonymous at 09:30 on 28 Feb 2013

Good talk.
Great insights scattered throughout.

Good story telling and polished presentation. I would have liked more discussion on the "How To" portion.

This was a very helpful session. I am a big fan of the "Lean Startup" and it was great to see it applied in a real case with some twists that I didn't catch up in the book.

Anonymous at 16:30 on 28 Feb 2013

Spent a bit too much time on an oversimplified and obviously "bad" example (bad in the sense that the suggestion was obviously bad).

Not a lot of talk about how to actually do any of this, but some.

Presented several "truths" that, at best, are difficult to accept.

The presenter was reasonably charismatic, but it's hard to believe a talk about how you can measure everything didn't have a single real example of data.

Great session! The speaker what very at ease and well prepared. Lots of useful insights on the product development process.