Neo4j Graph Database from PHP


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Anonymous at 22:08 on 28 Feb 2013

I want to like this talk: the topic is good, the speaker knows his stuff, he's written a cool library...

Unfortunately, I think the presentation itself needs some work. There's no real introduction, compelling use cases or comparisons to other databases. The main problem though was that most of the presentation was copying and pasting into consoles to demonstrate querying. This could've all been done better as just simple slides! Switching between windows and terminals, restarting services, etc, this all feels really slow when sitting in the audience.

Honestly, I would rework this to stay on the slides more and try to add real narrative to the presentation. Afterwards, I would start submitting it to more conferences and user groups again because the speaker has potential and the topic is great. It just needs some more work and maybe a little more fire.

Just my 2 cents. :)