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Great presentation, very detailed, nothing bad to say at all, great talk as usual from you...

A good introduction. Relevant examples. Communicative.

Hi Derick!

Thanks for the presentation. It was very interesting and I like how you introduced all these tools & services. (People can check the slides to find them)

Best regards,

M ;-)

Very nice talk. A lot of information. Now I need to go map my neighbourhood.

Anonymous at 09:32 on 28 Feb 2013

great presentation on openstreetmap!

Nice introduction to the open street map ecosystem.

That was great time.

I would take an other hour even this my second time I assit to you conf on the subject.

I will map my city!

Great speaker. After the talk, I really see the value in using OpenStreetMap for my next mapping project. Excellent overview with valuable examples. You can tell that Derick stands behind the technology and wants it to succeed as well as the OpenStreetMap community. Now I'd like to start contributing to OpenStreeMaps myself.