PHPUnit Best Practices


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Good presentation, i think you don't need to blame people blaming PHPUnit or sayinig it's stupid, after all, it's normal, you can't have only positive remarks about your product.

All in all, it gave me the push i needed to start using it, i have never used it, but i'll definitely look into it now.

Anonymous at 11:00 on 28 Feb 2013

Very helpful!

I found it helpful and in sync with what should be covered in an one-hour presentation. It is important that even long time users like myself can benefit from tips and options that have been overlooked in the past.

I really missed the fact that you could not discuss what to do when having protected methods in your legacy code.

I'd really like that we could have a two-hour presentations instead of one hour for topics like this.

I like the presentation.

It's my 5th on the subject by sebastian.

Always different!

This one was particuly great!

Very helpful.

Now it's time to include those in my day to day development!

Anonymous at 14:06 on 2 Mar 2013

I had already been using PHPUnit for a little while, but had the feeling I wasn't following best practices. This talk confirmed that, so I learned a lot. Especially the part about mocking was helpful for me. Very well structured, and clear talk.